PKNIC Shared Registry System


PKNIC is responsible for the administration of the .PK domain name space, including the operation of the DNS for the Root-Servers for .PK domains, and registration and maintenance of all .PK domain names. PKNIC is operated as a self-supporting organization.

PKNIC was established in June 1992 to allow Internet addressing for the Top-Level domain .PK, reserved for Pakistan. Since then, it has managed and maintained the Root-Servers for .PK domain.

Our Mission

  • To provide an equitable, just and competent technical and administrative management of domain name registration for Internet users in Pakistan.
  • To run uninterrupted DNS service for Root Servers of .PK domain
  • To eliminate any monopoly, bureaucratic or inefficient, or dominance positions in domain registration management of PK domain (by passing on the "exclusive franchise" delegation by IANA to local companies).
  • To delegate the Policy making function for .PK domain names to the Internet Users and Corporations in Pakistan.










About Us

PKNIC staff can be reached at for any questions regarding .PK domain names and registration services.


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