Expired & Premium Domains

Domain Auction Terms of Service

  • The users participating in the domain auction can place bids on the domains auctioned here, during the posted running time of the auction (generally seven days but subject to change). As in any auction, the highest bidder wins. Users can bid multiple times, during the auction time frame.
  • All users can see all bids for any domain. The user identity is not displayed due to privacy concerns and to prevent collusion or side-deals to ensure open, fair and transparent bidding for all users.
  • The bidding is open to any PKNIC registered user (“You” in this document), who has registered and retained at least two domains in their account. This nominal limit is added to filter out spam and reduce the risk of malicious or mala fide bidding.
  • There are currently no reserve prices on any domains in auction. All auctions currently start at the standard domain prices in effect at the time of auction (e.g. Rs 1000 per year or equivalent, currently) plus a nominal processing fee of Rs 250 per year.
  • The final auction bid price includes the first two years of domain fee. A $28 add-on (for two year term) will be added for domains (or agents) based outside Pakistan. After the end of two-year initial registration period, the renewals will be on the basis of then current price for the domain type (currently it is Rs 2000 per two years for most domain types).
  • The auction winner is the last user from whom the unique highest bid is received and processed by the PKNIC auction server before the end of the auction period for a domain. Due to network latency and possible data traffic congestion between a user client and the auction server, the amount of highest bid seen by a user may lag behind the highest amount processed by the server, at any given instant (especially at the very end of the auction, where multiple bids may be in the queue). It is highly recommended that users who are very serious about acquiring a particular domain name make their best bids early enough before the close of the auction to avoid losing the bid due to network delays. In the very unlikely event that more than one same highest bid amounts are received by the system simultaneously (relative to the transaction processing times, e.g. microseconds), the highest bid that arrives first (with lower assigned serial number) will be the winning bid.
  • The auction winner is solely based on the data received and processed by the PKNIC auction server, and not on any user’s client side evidence or claim. It is not PKNIC’s responsibility if a user’s bid is lost or delayed by the network, after leaving their client side.
  • Important: Winning by placing a valid highest bid for a domain auction does not give the user any ownership rights, or a right to purchase that domain name, in general. To buy the domain, the bidding winner must purchase that domain within the allocated time, and only through the purchase method designated by PKNIC (e.g. online, escrow, bank demand draft, etc.). The purchase methods are designated by PKNIC, at its sole discretion, based on factors such as the bid amount, user account history, etc. If the user with the highest bid is not able to complete the purchase through the designated purchase method, within the allocated time (usually seven days), the domain may be offered to the user with the next highest bidder, and so on, or placed back into auction, at PKNIC’s discretion. If no user is able to purchase, then alternate purchase methods may be considered, and offered starting from the highest bidder again.
  • As per standard PKNIC policy, there is no refund of winning bid and registration amount once a domain has been registered.
  • The domains available here for auction are based on user selection of expired domain names, and PKNIC has not vetted these domain names for any particular use, or any possible infringement of intellectual property in the domain name. Therefore you must make sure that the domain name that you are bidding on does not violate any third-party rights (such as brand rights, copyrights, trademarks, etc.), in applicable jurisdictions. Please note that PKNIC is NOT responsible for a domain auction winner losing such a domain name subsequently to the valid trademark holder’s claim, through the PKNIC’s Domain Name Dispute Resolution process.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure that the domain name spellings and meanings are exactly what you need. Some domains with incorrect spellings (such as songz instead of songs), may be still highly valuable to some users, or be of no value to others. PKNIC does not warrant that domains in auction will have any commercial or other value to a user. It is the responsibility of the bidding users to make their own value assessment of domains they bid on, because there is no refund of winning bid and registration amount later.
  • PKNIC reserves the right to flag or remove bids that are considered frivolous, or in bad faith.
  • Any users who win an auction bidding but fail to complete purchase of the domain, without genuine reasons acceptable to PKNIC will have their access limited or blocked from future domain auctions on this website.
  • To prevent system abuse, or malicious bids meant only to disrupt a genuine auction, or to harass or inconvenience genuine bidders, both the minimum and maximum bid increment restrictions may be instituted.
  • PKNIC reserves the right to block or restrict any users from participating in the Domain Auction, at any point in time, if their behavior or conduct is deemed by PKNIC, in their sole discretion, as disruptive or abusive, or if they are in violation of the PKNIC Auction Terms of Service, or PKNIC policy.
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