Expired & Premium Domains

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Premium Domains?
These are expired domains that have higher than average value, based on standard industry domain name weightage and feedback. Understandably, not all “premium” domains may be of high interest to everyone, as everyone has different needs and preferences.

Disclaimer: Since the review process for premium domains is semi-automatic, or based on user input, PKNIC cannot guarantee that the premium domains do not infringe any trademarks. It is the responsibility of the domain buyer to check the suitability of domain with respect to any trademark violation.

How do I get started?
Please see this topic in the Help Menu above.
Why do we have alternate methods of registration?
We have received a lot of feedback that many valuable expired domains are being registered disproportionately by the same few users, who employ sophisticated techniques and possibly scripts to beat other users in the current, race against time, domain registration method for expired domains. Apparently, average user has less chance to be successful in getting high-interest domains in this process, compared to those who are dedicating lots of time and effort, and have prior experience to optimize their network.

To level the playing field for the average user we have added optional alternate registration methods, should they choose to use them. We strive to make these registration methods transparent and accessible to all.

Note: The first come first served registration method is fine for regular domains, and it becomes a problem only when the exact time of release of expired domains is published ahead of time, as per requirements. In that case, a fraction of a second delay, or even slow network latency for some client, can become a factor in unsuccessful domain registration.

What are the registration methods for premium expired domains?

Note: We have greatly simplified the selection of domains by eliminating user registration method preferences and multiple wish lists.

  • First come first served method (the default, as for all other domains). The user who registers a domain first, after a domain become available as per the posted available date and time, becomes the domain owner. This involves hitting the registration form submit button and the subsequent confirmation pages (if any).
  • All released domains now directly go to the Domain Auction method. This is based on the standard domain industry auction practice. Any unsold domains from the auction will be automatically made available to everyone on a first come first served basis at regular domain price.
How can I expedite the Domain Release priority date?

The domain release dates for the premium expired domains are based on the user interest which is measured by the demand for each domain, in user wishlists.

Note: Adding a domain to user wishlist is not required in order to register that domain. However, the user input is very important for PKNIC to determine the domain release priority, which is determined the domain popularity count in the user wishlists.

Here is how you can input your preference:

  • Browse through the unreleased premium domains. This is "Choose Domains" in the Expired Domains menu above.
  • In the domains listings, click on the domains what you are interested in, to add them to your wishlist.
  • You can see the domains you selected in your wishlist.
  • Based on user input across all user wishlists, the release date of batches of domains is determined and posted here.
  • PKNIC will make an effort to send email notification of the release date of the domains that you have selected in your wishlist, but the email dispatch and delivery cannot be guaranteed.
  • At the release date and time of your required domain, you can participate in the auction bidding. There will be at least one week of the bidding period. Any unsold domains will be later made available for registration on a first come first served basis.
Premium Domain Pricing
All premium domains start at the base domain price (e.g. Rs 1000 per year, payable in two-year terms). If a domain is selected for auction, the auction price starts at the same base price plus a nominal processing fee of Rs 250 per year. We reserve the right to increase the minimum registration period for premium domains from two years to up to four years. Currently, it is the normal two year period, like all other regular domains. The renewal fee for a premium domain is the same as the base price of domains at the time of renewal.
About Domain Auction:
  • Domain auction is applicable only for domains that were once registered and have expired due to non-renewal. Auction is not done for new (unregistered) domains that are available on a first come first served basis.
  • The domain Auction method is based on the standard domain industry auction practice.
  • The renewal fee for a premium domain is the same as the base price of domains at the time of renewal. There is no premium to pay for renewals.
  • The domains for which there is no successful bid, or whose winner(s) are not able to complete the purchase, will become available on a first come first served basis.
  • Part of the proceeds from the auction will be used for the facilitation of creation of local content on the Internet, public education and similar public benefit projects.
  • For more information, please refer to the Domain Auction Terms of Service (Auction TOS) in the Help Menu above.
What about the other Expired Domains?
All expired and released domains that are not marked as premium are already available for registration.
Who can register domains (if did not mark domains)
If a domain is released for auction or later by normal registration method, it will be open to everyone. Any user activity regarding marking or selecting domains in wishlists has no effect on the outcome of who can register those domains (that will remain open to all users). The bidding on domain requires that a user has previously registered .PK domains and currently retains at least two active domains in their account.
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