PKNIC Shared Registry System

Prepaid Card Payment

Anonymous User

You can pay the domain maintenance fee, on-line using a PKNIC issued prepaid card here.

Important Note: Unless you already own this domain, you are making payment on behalf of another domain owner. Your making payment for an already registered or expired domain, does NOT confer to you any ownership rights, and the payment is deemed to have been made on behalf of the actual domain owners.


Domain Name :
PrePaid Card: Ten to Twelve digit prepaid card code
PIN for this card :
PIN No. obtained with the card






PrePaid Cards

The PKNIC Prepaid Cards are sold by independent resellers. They come in the form of plastic card with scratch code, or computer printed on plain paper. The Prepaid Card codes (ten to twelve digit code) can be used to add domain credit to your Rupees Account Balance. This domain credit can be used to register new domains or for renewal of existing domains.

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