PKNIC Shared Registry System

PKNIC Services

PKNIC provides the following services

  • Operation, Maintenance and Technical Administration of Root-Servers for .PK domain DNS (that keeps .pk domain names visible on the Internet)
  • Administration and Management of the Registry Service for .PK domains (to add, modify and delete .pk domain names)
  • Operation, Management and Administration of SRS Program for PKNIC Registry Partners
  • Management, Archival and Dissemination of public Records about Internet domain addresses

Services NOT provided by PKNIC

  • PKNIC does not provide IP allocations. Please contact your Internet Service Provider, or IP authorities such as IANA, ARIN,APNIC, etc to get IP blocks
  • PKNIC does not provide any technical tutorials or consultations about how to set up nameservers, DNS programs, and general Internet related topics
  • PKNIC does not provide any Web-hosting, email, or DNS services to domain name applicants
  • PKNIC does not offer domain names of form (please consult your Internet Service provider, about how to create sub-domains under your domain name)










PKNIC serves several operations and constituencies:

  • .PK Root Operations
  • Domain Registrations
  • Resellers/Registrars


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